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The Ivory Silk Line High Speed Handpieces represent the new generation of Dental Turbines “Made in Europe”.

The T501LN is our NSK connection Dental Turbine. Manufactured in Steel and Titanium thanks to its high precision technology it is one of our prides. Its perfect balancing made with components in alloy aluminum, guarantees maximum silence and safety; the power of 23 watt, its rotor with ceramic bearings, its incredible lightness and the Optical Fiber that illuminates the field of work up to 40,000 lux make this turbine a “must have” that you cannot miss.

Like all Ivory silk line dental turbines, the T501LN also has the innovative Ivory Fast Oil lubrication system that allows you to lubricate any of our turbines from the front side with a single adapter and leave the internal rotor, properly manufactured, always perfectly lubricated in order to significantly increasing its durability and reducing repair costs and maintenance errors.

High Speed Turbine, Ivory Silk Line with Optical Fiber - for NSK

Excluding GST
  • Type of head Standard
    Stop mechanism Push Button
    Type of Spray 3 nozzles
    Weight 48 gr
    Material Titanium and Steel
    Coupling Type NSK®
    Maximum rotation per minute 345.000
    Power 23 watt
    Rotor bearings Ceramics
    Optical fiber Yes
    Intensity of Light Greater than 40,000 lux
    Fast Oil System Yes
    Autoclavable Yes
    Air pressure 2.8
    Diameter of the head 12,5 mm
    Height of the head 13,1 mm
    Drill Diameter 1.59-1.60 mm
    Drill Length 10-25 mm
    Type of Lubrication Oil/ Grease

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