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Dental Handpiece Repairs

Surgical Equipment Services is dedicated  to ensuring that your dental handpieces are maintained in optimum working order in view of the best possible experience for both doctor and patient.

As the on-site professional at your practice your are ideally placed to monitor the condition and performance of your handpieces. However there are several signs that a dental handpiece needs to be either serviced or replaced

  • Unusual sound

  • Vibration

  • Becoming hot

  • Low power or torque

  • Slipping bur

  • Water spray is inconsistent or low

  • Fiber optic is not working or is dull

Should it be necessary to have your handpiece checked, repaired or replaced

the 3 Step process is simple & for more detail please download the instruction PDF-

  1. Ensure that the handpiece has been sterilised

  2. Fill out the Dental Handpiece Service request. Depending on your preference we have four options for this-

    • Scan the QR code on the back of the Handpiece Mailer* with your mobile phone and fill out & submit the online form. (Please ensure that the Job Number  and Practice Name is written on the mailer as no other paperwork is necessary.)

    • Fill out and submit the online form on your computer - Online Form.  (Please ensure that the Job Number  and Practice Name is written on the mailer as no other paperwork is necessary.)

    • Use the fillable PDF form which can be filled out on your computer and then printed and placed in the mailer with your handpiece.

    • Download and print the PDF form, fill manually and place in the mailer with your handpiece.

  3. Place the handpiece in the mailer and send it to us free with Australia Post

* If you need a mailer please call us on 1300 942 239 or submit a Mailer Request Form.

When we receive your handpiece

To ensure a consistent reliable result with all our repairs we follow the same series of steps each and every time your entrust us with your valuable equipment.

  1. Notify you by email that your equipment has arrived.

  2. Evaluate your equipment * and if requested email you a quote on the repairs

  3. Perform repairs

  4. Return equipment with tracking link emailed to you

* For Dental High Speed Handpieces we perform a six step evaluation-

  • Turbine bearing test

  • Bur pull test

  • Water spray test

  • Optics test

  • Coupling test

  • Casing examination

Surgical Equipment Services can supply all your new dental handpiece requirements

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