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The perfect partner for your Dental Turbine!

The Ivory Silk Line PN-C30LK Coupling with Kavo® Multiflex® connection is the best friend your Turbine could wish for.

With Kavo Multiflex connection, its rotation of 360 °, the Led light that illuminates the field of work for more than 50.000 hours and its ultralight weight of only 24 grams, you can concentrate on your work with all tranquility.

Did you know that accompanying the PN-C30LK with our turbines compatible with this model, you will have a total weight that does not exceed 69 grams!

Dental Coupling, Ivory Kavo Multiflex, 6 Pin, LED, without Water Regulator

Excluding GST
  • Rotation 360°
    Illumination Led
    Compatibility Kavo® Multiflex®
    Connection 6 ways
    Intensity of Light 25.000 lux
    Voltage (vdc): LED / 3.3-3.8
    Spray Regulation NO
    Weight 24 gr
    Autoclavable NO

    Download Manual

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