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The truth is that to describe our SL211E Straight Handpiece is quite easy, given that … it speaks for itself. Our Straight Handpiece is the most appropriate base to personalize your work in a highly professional and safe way.

Infinitely light and without vibrations, the SL211E allows you to perform any intervention, even the most difficult, without getting tired of your hand and its specifically designed mechanical parts with a very low tolerance threshold, transmit the power of the Micromotors without dispersion of it and without any noise.

Slow Speed Straight Handpiece Ivory Neo, 1:1, Internal Spray

Excluding GST
  • Type of Spray Internal
    Optical fiber NO
    Connection Intramatic Universal
    Transmission 1:1
    Maximum rotation per minute 40.000rpm
    Drill Diameter 2,344/2,350 mm
    Drill length 21,95/44,50 mm
    Weight 93 gr
    Autoclavable Yes
    Type of Lubrication Oil

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