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The SL621C head for contra-angles Ivory Silk Line, as well as all Ivory Heads, can be extracted and changed in all our contra-angles for prophylaxis; that is to say, with just changing the Head you will have in your contra-angle the reduction of 2: 1 or the transmission of 1: 1; an operation that will take you only a few seconds thanks to the “rotostop” fixation.

Furthermore, the front bearing is designed with a reinforcement bushing to absorb the stresses during an intense work and to maintain the concentricity of the rotor during the intervention. Very important is also its small size that allows an easy access to the rear quadrants and also… the SL621C is compatible with all Ivory and Kavo® contra-angles.

Slow Speed Head Ivory Silk Line 2:1 Ivory Kavo MK-Dent

Excluding GST
  • Removable YES
    Ball bearings In ceramics
    Treatments Prophylaxis
    Transmission 2:1
    Compatibility Contra-angles Ivory and Kavo ®
    Stop mechanism Push Button
    Diameter of the head 9,5 mm
    Height of the head 11 mm
    Weight 12 gr
    Diameter of the Drill 2.334/2.350 mm
    Length of the Drill 21.95mm
    Autoclavable Yes
    Type of Lubrication Oil

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